Tuesday, 31 July 2007

First past the post

So, here we go ... first posting!
All those capricious thoughts swirling around in my bonce last night seem so ephemeral now. Why is that I wonder?


Addingham news of the hour... Scout camp was a damp but successful trip to Thornthwaite.
No Scouts were killed in action, although one did get a pioneering pole bounce off his bonce. No danger of being "cotton wool" kids at our camp.

No leaders were poisoned by lax Scout cooking practices although it never ceases to amaze me how little kids now know about cooking - frying pasta is a new one on me.

My final act as a Scout Leader is to attend the 1st August renewal of promises on Beamsley Beacon at 8am tomorrow.

The arrival of the "fit bug" pedometer has galvanised me into some activity and last night a brisk walk around Strid Woods looking at the sculptures was in order. Tombo tagged along to "keep me company" and things took longer than expected, resulting in messages on the mobile of "where are you" and "have you fallen in the Strid?" from my concerned wife ... she cares, who'd have thought it?

Today I go in search of an ipod for Tombo and hopefully my Archos equivalent arrives with the postman today.