Friday, 24 August 2007

Return to Work

So, the two week holiday in Denia, Spain is at an end.

More on that, with pictures, on a subsequent post. Suffice to say that the villa we stayed in was superb - the best yet.

If you're after a villa with all you need set away from the masses, you could do wose than stay here

Anyway, now back at work and after trawling through 300+ emails, it's like I've never been away!

Friday, 3 August 2007

MP3 fiddling


Ended up with my new shiny gadget - an Archos 605wifi.

Eventually managed to get it all working but not without recoruse to some forums.

Whilst it looks cool I think I am suffering from bleeding-edge technology woes as there are a few niggles... but I get to watch Shaun of he Dead on the train home.

Also traisped around York to try and get a shiny ipod video for 2nd born. After much shoe leather wearing ended up at that fine audio emporium Argos and argossed it!

Funny how the blurb doesn't tell you what a faff it is to get a movie froma DVD onto an ipod.

Wednesday 1st August was Scout Centenary day and a subset of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from Addingham walked up Beamsley Beacon to renew our promises at 8am. Weather was great and it jaunt was enjoyed by all.
Nearly time to watch a movie on the train yippee!