Thursday, 13 December 2007

Way out of here!

Leeds Metropolitan University Union - Porcupine Tree 9th December 2007

Another trip to see PT. Supported by Anathema who were not my cup of tea but seemed to apply themselves earnestly and had a stand-in drummer - not easy for either party I guess and not sure what he was stood in :-).

This tour was billed as Tour of a Blank Planet and the set list was, as expected, focussed on FOABP but with some interesting oldies like Waiting appearing. Couple of the songs seemed a tad ragged but found myself bouncing along to Open Car and Sleep Together like, like, well like a dad that can't dance!

Moving back to things Addingham...
Today (13th December) is local Parish Councillor election day in the village and I will be down at the Memorial Hall to cast my vote later this evening. If we don't vote on these things we can't really expect to be able to complain if our elected representatives don't follow through on issues we hold dear. For me the election boils down to picking someone I don't know about or an ex-councillor I know reasonably well and who is known to be anti-Scout Hut. I guess that last sentence really tells me which way I will lean tonight. Not sure if that's a good enough reason to vote for someone I don't know from Adam but I suppose that's the nature of local politics...we make judgements on how close a candidate's views match our own rather than the bigger picture.

The saga of the Medical Centre/Scout Hut continues at a snail's pace and I wonder whether we will ever see a new permanent venue for the village.

I see in the press that Sustrans has obtained a £50M grant from the Lottery to provide further cycle paths and expect that to kick off the village civil war again over who is right and who is wrong over the proposed path to Bolton Abbey.