Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ouch – One Step Forward…

Having reviewed the kit list for my trek up Kilimanjaro, a trip to buy some new walking boots and a bigger rucksack was in order.  Over in Harrogate is a family run outdoor pursuits shop called Out and About (http://www.outandabout-online.co.uk/ ).  My good friends Pat and Diane duly kitted me out with shiny new boots and rucksack and my “flexible friend” helped out too.  If you’re jaded by the lack of customer service at Cotswold, Blacks et al, give them a go!

What to do to break in the new boots? A short walk to minimise problems would be advisable.
So a crisp Sunday morning finds me stomping off along the Dales Way from Addingham to Grassington, not such a short walk!  Kate joined me at Burnsall and we walked up to Grassington and back with a break for lunch.  Despite the doom-laden weather forecasts of the last couple of days, it was a sunny morning, t-shirt walking weather in fact.

After around 16 miles, my feet felt fine with no blisters but my right shin had become quite painful (maybe the twinges after 6 miles or so should have been heeded).  Needless to say there was little sympathy in the Shaw household after my antics.

On the fundraising front, I’ve also set up an account with Easy Fundraising … a website that offers cashback if sites are accessed via its pages.  Instead of the cashback going into your pocket, the cashback is given to the nominated charity.  Quite a neat idea and I’m hoping it’ll generate a little extra into the fundraising pot.

If you want to contribute via the cashback site, click here:

There are also details on how the site works here:

Meantime, if you’d like to give via the traditional donation route, then click here:

On the fund raising front, I’m looking at organising a music night at Addingham Mem Hall sometime in September if I can get some bands together  and also looking into whether I can organise a horse racing night too.  Kate’s helping out too by roping in Ermysted’s Grammar School to do a “non-uniform day” for the pupils to contribute a £1 each.