Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Village Politics - Don't Ya Just Love It?

Ho hum, already into another week with work, MBA studying and village (non) issues vying for my attention.

My company Trigold approaches it's year end; so it's busy, busy, busy with budgets and salary reviews whilst the hard-pressed accounts team prepare for repelling boarders from our auditors.

I am slap bang in the middle of the Accounting and Finance module of my part-time MBA at Bradford University and I'm battling to get balance sheets to balance and digest a fairly dry tome on A&F.

This time of year is the start of rehearsals for the Addingham village pantomime. This year we're doing Jack and the beanstalk but MBA commitments mean I'm sidelined as Treasurer (a good way of testing what I've learnt on the MBA?). Thought I was in for an easy time of it but oh no...ructions at the village hall over booking means we're all falling out. Everyone getting het up with threats of reprisals on a bunch of people trying to pull together a panto as a fundraising event. Hopefully things can be smoothed out and life can return to normal.

To cap it all, the village Scout Hut is rapidly decomposing in front of us and the start of the build of the new medical centre approaches with not permanent scout meeting place sorted...time to lock horns, in a nice way, with the Parish Council again. Pity they're too busy dealing with cycle tracks (echoes of Zimbabwe "land grab" according to the Ilkley Gazette) and the location of a bus stop! Yes, it's all high drama in Addingham, anyone would think we live in a cross between the Trueman Show and Emmerdale.

Finding solace in music seems to help and currently I'm rifling through my Rush and Porcupine Tree back catalogues following the recent Rush concert trip and an impending trip to see Porcupine Tree at Leeds Metropolitan University. A chance for a gorup of PT fans from work to see the band before they, the band, take a year off.
If you're a King Crimson fan, then ensure you get Tony Levin's new album Stick Man onto your Christmas list. It's the nearest we've got to KC recently and bodes well for the likely KC return in 2008, although Robert Fripp's soured relationship with UK music press means we're unlikely to see them live I'm afraid.

Interweb revalation of the week for me...
Found this DivX site, which is great for downloading music videos to play on my Archos 605 www.stage6.com