Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Village Update - more like a catch up!

The Scout Hut is no more :-(
Scouts and Beavers/Cubs are now meeting in "temporary" venues until the Parish Council and the local leaders can determine a permanent venue... I don't think I will hold my breath over that after the acrimonious debacle over the Parish Council "providing" a new alternate venue...seems local politicians are no different from those on a larger stage.

Access to Ilkley Grammar School for Addingham residents was eventually resolved, for now, but the spectre of future problems looms. Attention now moves to the possible redevelopment of the IGS site with the "best" solution from a bad bunch being a new purpose-built campus in Ben Rhydding. Needless to say, there is local opposition in Ben Rhydding to increased noise/traffic issues and concern in Addingham that the school is even further to travel to - possibly meaning further catchment area issues. Ho hum.

Here's a link to Education Bradford's website on the programme. Given that IGS is in phase 3 and phase 2 is only just getting under way; we may have a long wait for a new school wherever it may be.

Occasional Musings...

Very occasinal given that there has been no blog for over a year!
God knows ewhat I'd do if I had to twitter.