Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The Rush or the Surge of Adrenaline?

Sheffield Hallam Arena, Rush, Snakes & Arrows Tour 2007.

Took the kids to see Rush play in Sheffield on their 2007 tour (that's Rush's tour not the kids!)...yup the kids are sometimes partial to a bit of "classic" rock as well as Muse or Mika!

I've been to the majority of tours since Permanent Waves and, yet again, they played a blinder. On the stage around 7:45 PM and, with a short interval in the middle, off the stage around11PM...you certainly get quantity, do you get quality?

The set list for this tour certainly showed two things; they're not afraid of playing new material (most of the album) and they're not afraid to mix up songs from the back catalogue - no 2112!

I did wonder whether my sons would have the stamina but they both enjoyed it, mesmerised by some of the solos, laughing at the South Park video and singing along to Spirit of Radio. My youngest son was desperate for them to play YYZ and he got his wish in the encore - as it's on Guitar Hero II, he's forever playing it himself but Alex was way beyond "expert" :-)

The only downside ... a very loud but muddy sound mix and it had to finish.

SO excited to return to all-things-Rush I followed up the concert by reading Neil Peart's book Ghost Rider. It's a travelogue-sum-personal story describing how Neil dealt with the loss of both his daughter and wife within a year. Not any easy read due to the subject matter but an uplifting one all the same. It also makes me want to motorbike all over North America.

Check it out, I heartily recommend it to you, even if you detest Rush music.
Here: http://secure.showtech.com/rushbackstage/featured-books/the-ghost-rider-by-neil-peart/index.html

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